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Fruit Combination For Healing

Before we discover the right combination of fruits and vegetables for you, let us lay the foundation. Shall we?

Nature is not an accident. There is overwhelming evidence of order and design. The earth provides life and nutrition to every creature on it.

These things cannot be coincidental. I want us to establish this as we progress. Stay with me.

Having established that nature is conscious and intentional, let us explore how this concerns you, the most intelligent creature, and the crown of creation.

Did you know that the elements your body is made of are also in the earth?

Let’s look at this simply. Your whole body functions now because of food. Without food, it dies. True or fact? Hahaha… So you can see that all nutrition comes from the earth. Beautiful, isn’t it?

I have always preached that your body is intelligent. Your body is a mystery that we will never fully decode. Did you know that the activities in your body that you cannot control far outnumber the ones you can? This is proof of intelligence.

Your body can heal, balance and correct itself if you will co-operate with it. This is where the problem lies.

It has become increasingly difficult to co-operate with it because of the growing ignorance as a result of misinformation and disinformation about the subject today, and the profit-driven culture that has infected human endeavors.

However, it used to be common knowledge and easy in the time of our ancestors. They ate what the earth gave, the way the earth gave it; with only very minimal interference. A sizeable part of their diet was raw.

But today, profit has led to too much interference and misinformation.

Consequently, strange diseases that our ancestors never heard of are killing us and reducing our natural human capacity.

Our very physical strength is greatly diminished and our longevity is compromised. I used to hear stories of how strong my grandparents were. How they used to undertake very long journeys on foot. Farm unbelievably large areas in a short span of time. Work on the farm from morning until night.

Today, that is largely impossible.

Now, What Is The Way Forward?

How can we find the balance amidst all the ‘poison’ we are exposed to?

Before I show you, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am Daniel Gulu Obadiah. A Naturopath and an Afrikan to my soul! I have been helping about 5,000 people on WhatsApp to heal and stay healthy naturally through diet, habits, and herbs.

Here are just a few achievements out of countless others:

Let’s get back to business.

Truth be told, it will be impossible to return to the eating lifestyle of our ancestors, but we can impact our health and our body capacity significantly through conscious inclusiveness of fruits and vegetables in our diet.

Consider it. Fruits are eaten raw, and most vegetables taste better when eaten raw. When eaten in this condition, all their nutritional contents are preserved and properly absorbed into the body.

You are what you eat. Which animal is the strongest in your opinion? What does it eat? Same things you should be eating. Plants.

I was having a discussion with an elderly client who mentioned something fascinating on this subject. He said, “look at our teeth. They are meant for grinding grains, fruits, and vegetables.” He is right.

Here are some vital tips to achieve wellness:

Eat plants.

  • Take 70% liquid and 30% solid. This is the universal order. Your body and the earth are made up of that same ratio of water vs solid.
  • Get sufficient physical activity. Your body is a machine. It was made to move. Where the activity is insufficient, there will be an imbalance.
  • Rest sufficiently. Get up to 8 hours of sleep. Your body is counting on it to repair, recharge, regenerate and heal.

To be honest, these things are not easy to live by faithfully. But by focusing on fruits and vegetables, you will hit this much-needed balance.

Recently, I hosted a 5 days fruit challenge, and the results were mind-blowing. After just 5 days of eating fruits, people saw healing and great improvements in their health conditions.

Now, what if they had stretched it to 1 month? Or even 6 months?

With the right combination of fruits and vegetables, and for the right duration, stubborn diseases will disappear!

For example, if you are treating malaria too often, a simple therapy of oranges and sugarcane for 3 weeks can save you from malaria for more than 8 months, no matter the mosquito bites.

People do not know these things.

A certain lady was tired of drugs, and medical bills.

Unfortunately, she had been struggling with 3 strong diseases:

Ulcer, High Blood Pressure, and Diabetes.

She had an instinctive feeling to abandon all medication and focus on just oranges!

She ignored this prompting until she had tried everything else without success.

She decided to take just oranges for 1,000 days!

That is about 3 years.

In the first year, she felt like she was wasting her time because all the symptoms were still there.

But she made an observation that gave her the courage to continue.


So she persevered.

In the second year, Blood sugar was down, and the Ulcer was greatly diminished.

She knew she was on to something…

Before the third year finished, all symptoms completely vanished.

Test results showed negative for all those ailments. But she continued just to hit her goal.

People do not understand that their solutions are staring them right in the face!

After seeing the great need for this knowledge, I compiled these things in a book so more and more people can learn about healing with fruits and vegetables.


This is not your regular book. Ask yourself this: How often do you see a book that outlines the proper combination of fruits and vegetables to take for healing from various ailments?

The book is divided into 2 sections.

Section 1 reveals:

  • Why fruits and vegetables are powerful medicines.
  • Types of fruit and vegetable therapies.
  • Fruit and vegetable therapy with pharmaceutical drugs.

Section 2 reveals specific combinations and some diet recommendations:

  • Fruits and Vegetables for Ulcer.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for High Blood Pressure.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Liver Diseases
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Kidney Diseases.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Detoxification and body reset.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Weight Loss.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Sexual Stamina.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Hormonal Imbalance and Fertility.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Bacterial and Fungal Infections.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Diabetes.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Lung Diseases.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Stroke.
  • Fruits and Vegetables for Prostate enlargement.

This is a big thing to have! The book did over 50 sales on the first day of launch, and about 300 in the first week.

An enormous amount of energy has gone into this work in research and experience. The book is Precise and Concise. It’s in PDF format. 52 pages only.

The recommended fruits are not ‘assorted fruits. They are the common fruits that God has purposefully placed around you.

All the recommendations can go with pharmaceutical and herbal medicine.

How Much is the eBook?

 know that’s what you have been scrolling to find out.

I am not about to tell you that it’s worth 100k, but you can pay 20k for today only.

Neither am I going to tell you it’s worth 10k, but you can pay 5k.

You know what your health and healing are worth. If you think of how much you or your loved ones have spent on medication, you will see how cheap this is at $4 (N2,000).

$4 (N2,000) for a solution you can have confidence in, knowing you can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables.


Send me a message of interest on any of these numbers:

+2347033512807, or +2348079847757

Preferably as Whatsapp or Text

See what others have to say about the eBook:


A)Those who get this eBook will also receive my ‘High Blood Pressure Drug Withdrawal Plan’.

It is a detailed plan to escape BP drugs forever!

If your body is intelligent and can heal itself, then it can learn how to manage and function without BP drugs. The problem is knowing how to cooperate with it. This bonus will show you how to do that naturally!

B)Those who get this ebook will also be added to my WhatsApp broadcast lists, where I share regular Natural Health Tips for absolutely FREE!

Get the whole package for $4 (N2,000) only

Your suspicion that this price is shooting up soon is right!

What I can’t say right now, is when. You may just be reading this right now, and the page will just reboot and reload with a different price! Or you could come back here in the next 3 hours, and the price has doubled.

Any time from now! After all, the only thing constant in life is change, right?

Send me a message of interest on any of these numbers:

+2347033512807, or +2348079847757

Preferably as Whatsapp or Text

Cheers to your blossoming health!


Holistic Health Secrets.

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